Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday School Party

You know, there's got to be a better term for it than "adult Sunday school". But it's not the same thing as those week night bible studies, and it's definitely not the same as what we do with the little kids on Sundays. Anyway, our adult Sunday school class, the "Young and Married" group, had a party a while back at the pastor's house. His son, Dan, is the leader of our group. When inviting people to join the class, he always says, "Young is relative, married is not."

Anyway, Daniel and I couldn't stay long at the party because he still had to go to work, but we had a good time playing Outburst, or one of those kind of games with our friends. We also had a quick round of "why do YOU homeschool?" with a few of the moms there. That's always fun.

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