Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Kitchen Table

We bought a new kitchen table today. I found it on Craig's List for $50. It's perfect for us. It has two extension leaves that make it around 80 inches long. It's almost the exact same size as our old table, although this one is oval instead of rectangular.

The main reasons I wanted it are to simplify things for us. The old one had 8 legs that criss crossed in groups of two down the length of the table. It was very difficult to sweep underneath the table. Also, the old one was pretty worn out, and the ends drooped, so things would roll off and you couldn't do anything on them that required a level surface.

This new one is made by Ethan Allen and is solid birch....or maple, according to the writing underneath it. That cracked us up that the manufacturer put an either/or on there. It's only got four legs, so tonight was a much easier clean up process. I like how sturdy it is... and level.