Thursday, March 18, 2010

Computers in the Classroom

We've always had educational software for our kids. We've allowed them to use the computer from a very young age. Last year we tried out Switched On School house and thought it was okay. The year before that we bought Academic Advantage software which had lots of fun programs.

This year we bought "Teaching Textbooks" math program for grades 5 through 7. We also set up our old laptops downstairs at desks near the main kids' computer. So three kids at once can use the computer. They tried out the new math software today and both Gloria and Danya really like it. We think Danya will be ready for us to buy her the Algebra software next year.

Having this many computers is cutting down somewhat on the arguments over whose turn it is. I like that one kid can play games on pbskids while another one does her Rosetta Stone Spanish homework and another one works on math all at the same time. We upgrade to a bigger better computer every couple of years it seems like. So maybe someday each of our six kids will have their own computer for school. I wonder if, by then, all their school work will be on the computer? Our children are definitely growing up in a more technologically advanced world than we did.

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