Saturday, February 20, 2010

Katie's Butterfly Birthday

Katie celebrated her first birthday today with a butterfly party. She loved the butterflies strung across the living room and kitchen. Daniel thought it was funny that we were decorating the house in butterflies and flowers while outside everything is white from the snow that's been falling for days.

The kids did a good job on everything. The younger kids made the cupcakes and the older ones helped decorate them with butterflies made out of icing and strawberry whoppers. We even found little tiny confetti pieces that spelled "Katie" to sprinkle on the table cloth. The younger kids also got a kick out of putting butterfly window clings on the windows.

Katie got pretty new clothes, bath toys, a "Little People" nativity set, a musical learning jewelry box, and a musical glow worm for her birthday. Her favorite thing, though, wasn't a present at all. We played praise and worship music on the CD player. She danced and would scream at it if the song ended until the next one started. She'd even hug the whole thing like she was telling us that it was hers and we'd better not touch it. It was cute in a narcissistic one year old kind of way. Her "best friend", Elizabeth, came to her party and was a bit overwhelmed with how many kids are in the house. She loved the strawberry cupcakes and had fun with the balloons. It was a good first birthday.

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