Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ballet: Beauty & The Beast

I took Danya, Gloria, and Brianna to see Beauty & the Beast at the ballet in Denver. We went with a group from their Friday school. It was absolutely beautiful.

The girls seemed fascinated, and it helped that they were familiar with the basic story. This version wasn't exactly the same as the Disney movie, but it had the same bones.

Gloria couldn't find her jacket when it was time to leave. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When we went back to search the floor where we had been sitting I found my wallet. I hadn't even noticed that it was missing. Eventually we found her jacket on the third floor next to the statues of the ballerinas.

While we were there, Daniel took the younger kids to the Denver Children's Museum. He said that "Valentine" was so excited that she buzzed from one activity to the next. Her big sister was back in school today, so she missed out on all the fun. Valentine and Captain Kirk start school tomorrow.

Today there were several bus loads of kids from the Denver public schools at the ballet with us. It was so chaotic! When I was walking down to the first floor at the end of the first intermission the music was starting and the lights were flashing on and off to signal everyone to return to their seats. I came across a whole class of kids who were asking what it meant and none of their teachers knew. The teachers thought maybe it was a power outage. I had to explain it to them and they didn't believe me at first. That must have been par for the course, because when the second act was actually beginning half the theater was still empty and kids were streaming in looking for their seats. I was really proud of our group of homeschoolers today.

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