Thursday, February 04, 2010

Birthday Blow Out

The boys both got invited to their friend, Cole's birthday party at Chick Fila. It was a huge party and they had a great time playing in the tunnels and running around with the other little folks.

Daniel took the kids because I was simply exhausted. The day before we'd spent running around from doctor's office, to hospital, and back dealing with Brianna's broken arm. Then Saturday morning I spent at our friends, the Rushton's, house. Brandy is recovering from surgery and wanted some company. But the whole morning was crazy and I'm not used to going places without Daniel.

I guess since Daniel is planning to take as much overtime at work as he can, I'd better get used to dealing with the chaos all on my own more often. But this time Daniel took the boys and Katie to the party. The other kids were very sweet with Katie. Shane's "twin", Samuel, tried to help her in the tunnels. It would be so much simpler if she would just learn to crawl.

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