Thursday, February 04, 2010

Broken Kid

Well, I did say that I needed Danya to take a picture of Brianna's splint. They interpreted that request to mean that I would like a staged picture recreating the accident scene.

Brianna had done a flip over the side of her bunk bed while hanging off the top trying to talk to Kevin on Friday morning. She was telling him to get out of her room because she needed to get dressed for her Friday school.

I knew one of my kids would, at some point, break a bone. I wish it hadn't been Brianna since she's already broken her other arm before we met her. I sort of assumed it would be one of the boys, probably Shane. And this wasn't the picture I had in mind, but she is becoming a good little actress. I'm sure that eventually we'll laugh about this... just not any time soon.

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