Saturday, October 20, 2012

Royally Waste of Money

 I had been looking forward to our trip to the Royal Gorge for about half a year before we finally managed to get there.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan it very well.  We arrived on a day when they closed early and found out that it cost a whole lot more than expected.  It was actually laughably unrealistic pricing.  It's a bridge over a gorge, not exactly Disneyland.

So, we chose to just take pictures at the entrance instead.  Honestly, we got a nice view of the gorge itself from off to the side and the pictures we took at the gift store were pretty fun.  The kids liked the teepee and the totem pole.  I wished we hadn't come at sunset.  The gorge was a lot further away than I had thought it was.  At least the kids all accepted the change of plans with good grace.

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