Saturday, January 28, 2012

Expanding our Circle

 When we decided to adopt African American children, we realized that our circle of friends was rather narrow.  Part of the problem is the area where we've lived and gone to church for the past five years.  It's not exactly diverse.  The only AA friends and loved ones we have were all back home in Oklahoma.  That's fine for our yearly visits, but not good for an everyday basis.  It's important that our children have strong role models that look like them, so that they'll grow up feeling proud of who they are and of their heritage.

Fortunately, our new neighborhood is much more diverse.  Even more fortunately, Daniel knows some good guys at work, like Leo (pictured here), who are willing to get to know all of us better.  We invited Leo over for dinner and he invited us to try out his church.  We'd like to give our kids the opportunity to experience the major difference between our church and an African American Methodist church, so we're hoping to do that within the next month or so.  We want them to see that even though cultural and worship styles can vary greatly, the important thing is the underlying foundational love for Jesus Christ. 

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