Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Adams County Fair 2010

"Spaceman Spiff" arrived at the same time we planned to go to the Adams County Fair, so he got to join us. He said it was his first time going to any kind of amusement park or fair. We could see in his face that it was really a struggle for him. He was having fun, but at the same time he was still very torn up about being placed in foster care. He didn't really know us yet, but he was quickly developing a friendship with the girls.

The thing that broke my heart the most was when he was on one of the rides and started making silly faces for the camera. I laughed when I finished taking the photo and I could see that he expected a mad reaction and was excited that he'd made me laugh. He kept telling Gloria, "Look! I made her laugh!" "Spiff" wanted my approval so badly. I think he has a very complicated relationship with his mom.

One bad moment of the night was when I realized that I'd accidentally dropped all the food coupons. We'd been given $50 worth of free food coupons from the county. Someone must have found the envelope because we retraced our steps and it was gone. I felt so bad. Daniel bought everyone a snow cone and we went home shortly after that. Overall it was a good night, though.

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