Thursday, August 26, 2010

He's Shaping Up Fine

Kevin is enjoying his first official year of homeschooling. He's a pre-K/Kindergartner this year, learning his ABC's, reading, handwriting, spelling color words, and doing simple math. This picture is of a shape man he drew. I try to let Kevin and Shane draw on the white boards when it seems like they're getting tired of writing with a pencil. They get more practice holding the thin markers correctly, but it seems like fun to them.

Next year I plan to let Kevin start in the Options program as a first grader along with Shane. I'm hoping they'll be able to support each other, although there is the possibility that they'll just rile each other up. We'll have to see. I've also been giving them opportunities to work separately some this year, so that Kevin doesn't become too dependent on having another kid working beside him. I have them take turns, with one playing educational computer games in the guest bedroom while the other does workbook pages in our homeschool room. It motivates them to complete their work quickly and lets them work somewhat independently as well.

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Kelly said...

Wow. I didn't even recognize Kevin. He is so big. I have been wondering about your family. I know you don't blog often but it's nice to catch up. :)