Thursday, August 26, 2010

Options: Year 2

This is our second year sending our four oldest kids to the Broomfield Options program for homeschooled kids. This year they attend on Thursdays. They all seemed excited to go back and see their friends, but it turns out that a lot of their friends are going on Fridays and not Thursdays. So, it's been a bit of an adjustment, trying to make new friends and get used to new teachers.

Fortunately Shane has the same Kindergarten teacher that he had last year. We decided to have him repeated Kindergarten since he has such a late birthday to begin with and because he just didn't seem ready for first grade yet. This year he is more mature and has a little more self control. He's also picking up a lot of the material better. He still struggles with letter recognition and their sounds, but he's learned his colors and can even recognize the words. He's got his basic shapes down and is doing simple math. Even his handwriting is improving.

Danya and Gloria are a little bit bored with their classes and say there aren't enough girls in them. But they like learning to play the piano and their history class is fun since it's in the form of a musical that they will perform at the end of the school year. Brianna is struggling in some of her classes, but she's trying hard. She's also taking piano. Bri and Glory are both taking P.E. and having fun keeping track of how many reps they can do lifting soup cans and of course sit ups and push ups. Danya is taking a writing class. She thinks there is too much writing required, but I think it's pushing her in a good way. She's the youngest in her class, so it's a challenge for her.

The challenge for me is allowing them time to work on their Options homework while still having enough time to complete all of the homeschool work I've scheduled. I had the girls sit down and figure out a schedule with me and that's really seemed to help. We'll see if it works out over time.

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