Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sarah's College

We met Sarah almost exactly 4 years before these photos were taken. She was our brand new next door neighbor in our apartment complex, who was nice to our kids and kept asking if she could hold our newborn, Kevin. I informed her that I didn't feel safe with her holding him since she was only 14 and our son was barely 2 months old. Much to my surprise he ended up saying, "Sar-dah" before he learned to say, "Mama". She has been like an oldest daughter to us, and almost a second mommy to my kids over the years.

Now here she is starting her Freshman year of college at Denver University. She was so proud to show us her campus and her dorm room. We are very proud of her. It's been wonderful to see her grow into a gentle spirited, super smart, tender-hearted, loving woman of God. She is so faithful and reliable both for our family and at church. She is almost always there helping out in the nursery. Katie looks forward to seeing her each week and often won't take a nap with any other nursery helper. She was our rock during Katie's birth and all the complications surrounding that and my broken leg at that time. I know she is going to have an amazing future helping others and serving the Lord.

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