Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flying Kids

This year, totally unplanned, we ended up with some sort of flying Halloween costume for everyone. Our four girls were fairies, Shane was Ironman and Kevin was Superman. So we took posed pictures of them seeming to fly. In reality, I just had them jump and then took their photo while they were airborne. The kids loved the results.

On Halloween we brought them to a local Fall festival in the high school parking lot. They played games and won prizes. Shane was doing terrible at the dart toss until Gloria told them to put the dart in his left hand. Then he popped the balloon every time. Brianna won a bottle of pop at a spin-the-wheel game and got Mt. Dew "because it's Daddy's favorite" she said.

Later we canvassed the neighborhood meeting our new neighbors and bringing home a massive haul of candy. Daniel took the younger kids home early to get some sleep and to warm up while I went stayed out an extra hour with the older girls. They were all happy to feel like "big kids" and thought it was fun that we all had wings (since I wore an angel costume).

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