Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Martha Stewart, Eat your Heart out!

The day we moved into our new home I got a little manic about the idea that we HAD to have the kids' rooms painted before we could move their furniture into their rooms. So I had all the paint and supplies purchased before we arrived. Then I spent pretty much a day and a half painting with only short breaks to help carry boxes into the house when we started to get a log jam. Danya and Gloria's neopolitan room ended up being last on my list, so they spent several nights sleeping in the basement family room.

I think the results turned out nicely. Daniel and Grandpa Wayne hung the princess border in Brianna and Katie's room. I still haven't gotten around to taking a picture of Shane's Spider Man room, yet. We have 5 kids' rooms, with 3 beds in Brianna and Katie's room, 1 bed in Kevin's (although we could easily add another), 2 in Shane's room, 2 in Danya and Gloria's room, and 2 in a guest room. The girls' rooms are as big as the master bedroom. It's strange having so much space, but we're loving it!
Anyone who know me knows that I'm terrible at all that Martha Stewart type stuff. I'm just not creative in that area. But I'm trying my best to decorate our new home in little ways. This year we used the pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch as a display in our living room. Hopefully, over the years we'll add to our collection of decorative items. In the meantime I'll try to remember that "friends and family are the ornament of a home".

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