Monday, June 28, 2010

Unexpected Friends

While I was waiting for Shane to finish up with speech therapy the other day I started talking to a woman in the waiting area who had several kids. It turns out that we have a surprising amount in common. We were both born in Virginia but lived in Oklahoma most of our lives and moved to Colorado from Owasso, Oklahoma three years ago. She has 5 kids, some with speech delays, and homeschools her children. And her name, Amanda, is my sister's middle name. Small world, huh?

Our kids are close in age as well, so I got her phone number and we set up a play date at the library playground. The kids got along like gangbusters and had a great time playing in the water fountain and inventing games to play on the playground. They begged us as we were leaving to let them play together again soon. It's nice that we have overlapping appointment times at the Children's Hospital for speech therapy, because the other kids can play outside on the playground together. It's also nice to have another mom to talk to while we're there.

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