Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankgiving Firsts

There were a lot of firsts for our family this past Thanksgiving. It was the first year that I stayed home and let my family travel to Oklahoma without me. My birthday fell directly on Thanksgiving this year, so as a gift I got to have about 5 solid days to myself to work on projects around the house that I haven't had time for. It was also the first time that Jennie, Daniel's little sister, got to meet Brianna, Shane, Katie, and Chloe, her newest nieces and nephew. And of course our kids got to meet their cousin Chloe for the first time. Finally, it was the first time that Brianna and Shane got to enjoy Thanksgiving with the Elliotts as official Elliotts themselves.

Two special additions to our crew visiting Oklahoma this year were our foster son, "Music Man", and our former foster daughter, "Molly", who asked if she could come. This was her second year to make the trip. I hope she comes again some time in the future since her family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, as most of them are from Cambodia or Laos.

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