Monday, November 30, 2009

Bodies Everywhere

Brianna had fun doing a unit study about the human body. She let Shane help her assemble our giant body puzzle as we learned about the different bones in their bodies. The book I use for teaching about the body is one of a set that I actually bought one day from a door to door salesman. We've gotten a lot of use out of it. This year the boys will do a simpler series on the body, focusing on the 5 senses and other very basic concepts. It's one that Danya and Gloria did years ago.

I'm glad that we're finally to the point where all the books we invested in almost five years ago are being re-used and therefore becoming a better bargain. So many companies get homeschoolers to buy their (over priced) materials by pointing out that if you have a large family, it's really not that much "per kid". Surely I'm not the only one who's fallen for that line before...

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