Sunday, January 08, 2006

Texas Road Trip

We're in Texas! I'm posting this from the home of our good friends, the Haleys. They are the girls godparents, meaning they will take our kids should anything happen to us. Christina and Danya are in this picture with my friend, Glenda's new baby girl, Liliana. She is about 2 months old now!

We've been friends with the Haleys and Glenda for the longest time...since high school! So we love each other's kids and make time to get together a few times a year. Today we exchanged gifts and went out to eat at The Olive Garden. That has to be the worst food I've eaten in quite some time. And for that priviledge they charged us each a mandatory 18% gratuity!

The kids had a great time playing together and exchanging Christmas presents. We are staying the night here at the Haleys along with Daniel's mom, Nancy, who has come along with us on this trip. Tomorrow we head to Del Rio, Texas to visit Daniel's little brother Ben and his family. We'll come back this way on Wednesday and be home by Thursday. Adios!

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