Monday, January 02, 2006

Kites in the Wind

On Saturday, New Year's Eve, the weather was in the 60's so we decided to go outside and enjoy it. Once again, Aunt Jennie's Christmas gift to the girls came in handy. (Thanks, Jen!) We made plans to meet our friends, the Millers, at the park. Unfortunately, Daniel couldn't stay. He walked home from the park to go get some shut-eye since it was a work day for him.

The Millers brought their beautiful kites! One was a butterfly, and the other was a Macaw. The girls were so excited to help fly them. They were maybe a little over-enthusiastic about helping launch the kites into the air, but they enjoyed every minute of it. Gloria's idea of "helping" launch a kite was to run up to it, grab it by one wing, and chuck it over her shoulder! I started out with the dubious "priviledge" of running back and forth between the two kites, re-launching them each time they crashed. The next day my shoulder muscles were complaining about it.

The girls got tired before the adults did, and went off to swing, play Duck, Duck, Goose and make sand castles at the park. It was pretty cute watching Gloria and Danya push Megan and Courtney on the swings. Danya was being a little "mother hen" the whole time we were at the park, holding little Megan's hand and making sure she didn't get left behind. The top left picture is of Danya flying a kite. The bottom right picture is of Megan flying one. I layed down on the ground behind them to catch the kite in the pictures.

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