Monday, January 02, 2006

Mailbox Vandalism?

What exactly happened to our mailbox over this New Year's weekend? How did the metal bracket snap off the wood? How did our large green mailbox end up several feet away in our driveway? We may never know.

It was fairly windy this weekend. By Sunday there were wind gusts up to 27 miles per hour. But it wasn't quite as strong on Friday night. Daniel thinks it may have been teenaged vandals playing mailbox baseball from a moving vehicle. If so, they have lousy aim, because the mailbox itself wasn't dented. Also, we didn't see any other nearby mailboxes with any signs of damage.

There's no reward being offered, but if you have any information leading to the...oh, never mind. Daniel was looking for a good excuse to use the new tools he got for Christmas anyway.

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