Monday, June 18, 2012

So Long, Sarah!

 Our very first regular babysitter, Sarah, is heading off to South Africa to go to college for a semester.  I'm glad she's getting a wonderful opportunity to see a completely different part of the world, but of course we're worries about her, too.  We are praying that God will keep her safe and that she will come back with a whole new perspective on the world... and her faith intact.

Although Sarah is not our daughter, we feel like she is a daughter of our heart.  We've prayed for her, counseled her, and hoped the best for her for years now.  It's so hard seeing her grow up and become her own person.

I know that she is the first.  She is, in a way, like the oldest of our children.  This is just a preview of what's ahead.  Next Shannon, her younger sister will be moving out on her own and starting her own life.  I can't help thinking how much harder this is going to be when Danya is taking her first fledgling steps into the world.  I'm hopeful and worried and trying to act like it's no big deal... but they see right through me.
 Sarah was nice enough to take pity on her honorary second set of parents and spend the day with us on Monday.  She showed us the wonders of the 16th Street Mall in Denver and then we took her to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  It was such a brief time, but it really did help us to say good-bye and get our final hugs in before she heads off to a new continent.

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