Saturday, June 30, 2012

Penguin Party

 Our son, Kevin, was turning six and the one thing he loved most in the world... was penguins.  So, of course, he wanted a penguin birthday party.  It is almost impossible to find decorations for a penguin party here locally.  We got a few plates and cups from the party supply store.  They had the penguins from the Happy Feet 2 movie on them.  We looked for anything with the penguins from Madagascar on it, but there was none to be found.

So we drew a penguin on his cake, cut sandwiches into fish shapes, and hung paper penguins that Gloria drew all over the house.  Then we got him a Slip n' Slide since penguins like to slide on their bellies.  We also filled the cooler with water and plastic sea creatures so that he could pretend to fish for them.
 Finally, for a game, we covered the kitchen table in goldfish snacks mixed with whale snacks and had the kids race to rescue as many fish from the whales as they could in one minute.  This game, surprisingly, was a total hit with the kids.  The best part?  They got to eat the game when they were done.

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