Saturday, February 04, 2012

Jordan's Double Digits

 Jordan turned 10 in February.  We had a mini blizzard hit that day, so her official party got postponed a week.  Still, she did get to have Molly and Selina over.  She and Selina had a sleep over in the basement on the fold out couch.  I'm still dealing with some sadness over the fact that I didn't really get to be her mom for the first decade of her life.  She's halfway to adulthood, and it's hard to think that I have so little time with her.

What an amazing young woman she is.  Jordan is tall and beautiful, smart and funny.  She's kind to younger kids and talks easily with adults.  She's patient while I take hours to do her hair.  Her creativity shows in the drawings and crochet projects she makes.  Her fun sense of humor matches mine, in some ways.  For instance, when we were at Best Buy looking at electronics I came over to her and Selina to ask what they were doing.

They were listening to music on the big stereos.  So, I made a funny face and started doing a goofy dance.  Jordan burst out laughing, but Selina turned bright red and ran off in embarrassment.  Ah, the fun of being a mom and getting to embarrass your kids!  Of course, Jordan just gets my craziness and tops it.  She'd be the first to jump right in and start doing an even goofier dance.  It's so much fun being her mom!

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