Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homeschool Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

We went to the big Daddy Daughter dance for all the different Options locations this year.  Unfortunately, I didn't verify where it was located.  We were running late to begin with.  Then we showed up at the kids' Options school location.  That was about 30 minutes North of our house.  It was closed.  So we called a friend who told us that the dance was being held about an hour South of where we were.  Ugh.  The girls were very worried that they'd miss the dance.  We missed the first half.

It was much bigger and nicer than I'd imagined it would be.  It felt like a high school prom.  They had a masked ball theme.  There was a whole room for refreshments with all kinds of foods including a chocolate fountain.  At the end, Jordan won a prize in the drawing.  She got a 3 bedroom cabin up in Estes Park for a weekend!  We're all looking forward to going.  The girls enjoyed getting their hair and makeup done and shopping for new dresses and shoes for the night.  By the time we were painting finger nails, Daniel was getting pretty antsy to go.  He had already put on the tux he'd rented for the night and taken the van through a car wash.  Men have no idea what the most important parts of a special night are.  I was very glad that the young trumpet player from our church band, Luke, was willing and available to babysit.  I was able to take pictures and try not to cry every time they played a special "daddy daughter" song while Daniel danced with each of his girls.

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