Thursday, April 01, 2010

Selling Our House

We decided in April to sell our house so we can upgrade to something much bigger. We packed up everything we could live without for a couple of months and rented a storage unit. Anything that didn't fit in there we stuffed in the garage. Then we called in a painter to normalize the colors of our kitchen and living room and to fix the bathroom and laundry room which hadn't been repainted since the last flood. We also repainted all our doors white to make them look fresh and new and cover up the crayon marks. I think all our efforts paid off since we got a contract on the house within about a week, although that has since fallen through. The appraiser said our house was worth $165,000 which is nice since we bought it for $140,000 and that included putting on a new roof. Here's a before and after of our kitchen.

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