Sunday, April 11, 2010

House Hunters

Since deciding to sell our house we've been looking for a new home for over a month now. There have been at least three or four that we really liked so far, but the first three didn't work out. We were supposed to close on the final one at the end of May, but now it's looking like that won't happen either.

It's been a very emotional process, falling in love with a house, and then having to deal with disappointment. I know it's been tough on the kids. Daniel keeps reminding us all that God has a perfect plan for us, so why would we want something that's not in His plan? But I can see that he's troubled by it all, too. When I woke him up to tell him the other night that the buyer for our house was unable to get approved for a loan, he came out an hour and a half later saying he might as well get up because he couldn't sleep due to thinking about it.

No matter how stressed I get about the whole house situation and having to keep our home spotless for potential buyers (which means the kids are bored stiff since we packed up most of their toys), I know that Daniel has a much more stressful position. He's the one that will be ultimately responsible for all of the financial aspect of taking out an almost quarter of a million dollar loan. But Daniel points out that providing for our family is not completely on his shoulders, because we have a faithful God who knows our needs and wants and will not forsake us. So even if we end up in a grass hut in Arizona (where at least they keep their borders secure) we'll still be okay.

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