Thursday, March 21, 2013

I *heart* him

I'm a little obsessed with this guy lately.  I skipped over all the boy band craziness when I was a teen, but this guy's voice has won me over.  Right now my older girls and I are learning the Korean lyrics to this song:  The Day the Sun Rises  The first person singing in the video is one of his boy group buddies.  Sungkyu comes out half way through to amp up the whole thing.
I also get a kick out of watching his group's videos on You Tube with English subtitles.  The group has 7 guys, and their group name is INFINITE.  Sungkyu is the leader and is responsible for keeping them in line. 

He has the same super power that most mom's have, which is the ability to tell the younger members of the group to straighten up and act right with just a look.  Here's proof: Eye Control  I'm anxiously awaiting his music CDs which we ordered through a website called, and the girls and I plan to learn the lyrics together.  Polly says she'll help us.  And just for fun, here's Sungkyu doing his best to sing in English: Lucky  I really love this song.

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