Monday, March 28, 2011

Planting the Seeds

It's interesting being at the point in our home schooling when we are now repeating lessons. It's new for our younger children, and a reminder for our older children of topics we've covered over the past few years. We began homeschooling in June of 2005, which means we've just officially hit the 6 year mark. I still remember walking outside with Danya to find plants we could rip up by their roots (weeds really) so that we could study them and draw pictures of them.

This time around we went all out and planted quite a few fruit and vegetable seeds. The kids had so much fun with the whole process. They excitedly informed me of each new seedling that poked its head out of the soil in the following weeks. I wish, for their sakes, that I had more of an interest in gardening. But the experience will be memorable at least.

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